What a Virgo Man Likes in a Woman

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Common traits in a Virgo man when it comes to love and forming relationships is that they can be shy and can be interpreted as reserved or even standoffish! This should not be taken as a sign that they will not have a picture in their mind of their ideal woman.

Tips on how to become the woman of his dreams

A man born under the sign of Virgo tends towards being an intellectual and will analyze their emotions to the point of distraction. They see the benefits of communication with a partner as a major plus as it helps to give them clear perspective on the relationship moving forward.

Virgo men feel comfortable with sex as a normal process in the development of the relationship, but only if they are sure of the integrity of their partner. Because of their analytical standards, they have to be sure that honesty is at the forefront before allowing themselves to be drawn in and maybe later hurt emotionally.

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What a Virgo man looks for in a woman

Intelligence in a woman is a big turn on for a Virgo man. A woman who is interested in world current affairs and is a bit of a bookworm will be confidently drawn into a conversation. This will give the ideal opportunity to be able to probe a little deeper to discover the complex thinking behind his shy exterior. A Virgo man tends to love facts and figures but they also generally have a good sense of humor so should not be considered boring or dull.

One of the biggest turn-offs for the Virgo man is talking about trivia and trivial topics. If he can’t see a purpose in the conversation he will get bored and will be quick to let you know he has lost interest. Until you have established some common ground with your man it is best to stay clear of topics like romantic novels and the latest storyline in your favorite TV soap opera.

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Health & Presentation

The Virgo sign is recognized for vitality and general well- being, and the male will relish the thought of being active and keeping relatively fit. This is not to say that he is fanatical about fitness and spending long periods in the gym, but he does tend to relish the outdoor life and would expect his special woman to be the same.

A famous saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is very true in the context of a Virgo man. His special lady does not need to be a stunning beauty, but to attract his attention she will need to be a healthy eater, not lazy, and enjoy a healthy walk in the countryside. Cleanliness and being tidy around the house also shows him that you are not a lazy person.

A Virgo man tends to put great store on his work ethic and where he wants to be in life, and he expects his partner to be the same. His ideal woman would not necessarily need to have a high powered job but she would need to show commitment and the qualities of being a trier.

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How to improve your relationship with astrology

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One of the most important areas of our life is interacting with our fellow human beings and building relationships that last. Many people believe that astrology plays a major part in the makeup of an individual personality because of the connection to the positioning of planets and stars on the day we were born.

Depending on the day a person is born will depend on the star sign they are born under. Each star sign tends to have differing characteristics and it is widely accepted that certain star signs attract while others have the distinct opposite reaction.

If you are a follower of western or eastern astrology will determine if more importance is placed on the moon or the sun in determining your path in life. Both disciplines work on the principle of star and planet alinement on the actual time of day you were born. This, in turn, gives a bearing on your personality, as well as your strengths and weaknesses regarding the ideal partner you may need for the rest of your life.

Using astrology to build a firm relationship

Understanding the characteristics of your birth sign and also the characteristics of the sign that is most adaptable to you is the first major step forward in finding harmony in a long-term relationship. Obviously, there are anomalies where everything does not follow a pattern so care needs to be taken to keep an open mind as the personalities of some star signs overlap.

To get the best understanding to see if astrology can help your relationship is to have your own astrological reading to produce your birth chart. This will give you an insight into your behavior patterns and how you react to others. Studying the astrological influences you will start to see preferred times to make relevant choices and work out problems that can happen every day in relationships.

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Astrological relationship chart

A well- crafted reading from a recognized astrologist will point out the characteristics inborn in you brought about from previous lives and how you have arrived at this point. By developing an interest and in-depth study of astrology you will glean more knowledge about the planets and their movements and how they align with the sun and moon. These two major solar bodies are the governing features that control our reactions to events and reactions to another within a relationship. As an example, this post on what a Virgo man see’s as attractive attractive in a woman.

Once you fully understand how astrology fits into your life and the influences of the date and time you were born to have on your personality, you will be better placed to work within the relationship. Studying your birth sign chart will also give you an insight into your partners make up, which in turn will help you pre-empt any possible conflicts before they materialize.

Using the information provided by an astrology birth reading will better prepare you to cope with your own emotions and help with reactions of people you have relationships with. This could be a life time partner in a relationship or alternatively business associates.

What is astrology and why should you pay any attention to it

astrology-roomThe study of astrology is an understanding of the solar system incorporating the plotting of planets and stars and how the positioning affects the lives of human beings. In other words, the placement of planets interconnected with each other as they orbit the universe is thought by many to have a great bearing on events that befall an individual during their lifetime.

Throughout various civilizations, the practice of astrology has evolved. The study of the night sky has always been a fascination to differing cultures and mystics have used these studies to control sometimes with superstition the will of susceptible people.

Modern astrology culture, however, is viewed by many as entertainment. Most newspapers have a horoscope section, and this is the first page read by many to establish what sort of day lies ahead for them. Many astrologers can command large sums of money for personal readings related to the exact time a person was born and how the combination of planet alignment will have a bearing on a person’s future.

The acceptance in the human mind that the planets and star positioning can have a direct influence on a person’s life is said by some to actually create the event because they believe it so strongly. However, a differing viewpoint will infer the opposite. So is the controlling factor just how each individual sees or wants to see an outcome.

Should you give any attention to astrology?

If you believe that the alinement of planets connected to your birth chart has a bearing on your life then certainly this philosophy can give you a greater understanding regarding your strengths, your talents and future direction that you take in life.

Many people believe that their destiny is pre-determined and a standard sun sign reading will show your particular motivation linked to your unique skills and the abilities you have to carry them through. Astrology is also firmly linked with a belief of former lives and understanding problems of the past will mold the personality of the person for the future.

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Astrology to guide relationships

Particular astrologers specialize in readings to determine compatibility between star signs. There are strong indications that certain star signs get on better with each other than others. This is very evident in several cultures not only in choosing a partner for life but also regarding business relationships. Understanding the vagaries of your own birth sign and those of the most compatible to you will help to guide you to choose a partnership with lasting possibilities.

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Astrology to guide your career

Each person is gifted with their own individual talents. These vary of course between different people and different sections of society. In modern society, a person’s talents are viewed from differing perspectives. A businessman might have the talent to make money and is seen as a success if he manages a large corporation. However, a young woman may have a caring nature and is in demand as a nurse or a carer for an elderly person. Both are equally important in today’s society so believing in an astrological reading may just be what you need to help determine your path in life as well as finding a compatible partner.